Helge School Code of Ethics

Helge School MTÜ analyzes the joy of school among 13-19 year olds. Helge School bases its activities on the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, good practices in the field of education, and the Code of Ethics of Association of Estonian Non-Governmental Organizations.

  • We use scientifically based approaches and best practices in the field. I
  • n our work and in providing services, we present justified, data-based, and scientifically based claims.
  • In our initiatives, we consider it important to prioritize the interests of young people and actively involve them in finding solutions.
  • We consciously act to not harm or endanger anyone’s health and safety.

Principles of data processing

Helge data in the support specialist web application

Helge School MTÜ follows the principles of confidentiality in handling the information entrusted to us. The forms filled out through Helge web links are completely anonymous. The system only identifies the respondent’s school and class to show the situation in a specific class to the school. Individual responses are not associated with a specific respondent – the school support specialist sees the responses only in a form generalized at the class level.

The data entered into the web application by the support specialist, notes about their school classes and students are secured in the system and visible only to the support specialist themselves after logging into the system. The support specialist’s desk can be securely logged in with the official authentication system HarID of the Ministry of Education and Research (ID-card, Mobile-ID, Smart-ID).

The support specialist has the opportunity to permanently delete the data entered into the system at any time: Students -> Student card -> select / delete. Classes -> Class card -> select / delete.

Helge data in the youth mobile application

The answers given through the Helge School mobile application are visible only to the mobile application user. Not a single third party can see the content of the mobile application and they are only saved if the user themselves gives permission for it.

For security, the Helge mobile application is designed on the principle of a “black box”. User authentication in the mobile application and user test data are stored in separate servers. User test results are anonymous and secure. When logging into the mobile application through one server, the mobile application requests test results from another server via a secure channel.

After answering the tests in the mobile application, each respondent can decide for themselves whether they want to view personal feedback. The mobile application user can also decide for themselves and solely whether to share their information with any third parties – whether with their parent, their school support specialist, teacher, or counselor.

By default, no external party can see this data and the mobile application user has the opportunity to immediately and permanently delete all the data they have entered into the mobile application: Settings -> Personal info -> Delete -> Delete and log out.

General about Helge data

All servers used by Helge School MTÜ for data processing are located in the territory of the European Union (Estonia, Finland, or Germany). Information is not transmitted outside the EU or EFTA territory.

In case of questions, please contact: [email protected]