Creating a brighter tomorrow, Helge Kool equips school psychologists with research-based analytic tools to work with students in classroom and individually.

Helge Kool MTÜ (registration code: 80114427) was established in 2019 to support students’ wellbeing of school. For this purpose, we have created a set of tools:

  • Helge dashboard helps school support staff plan their work, conduct youth wellbeing surveys, gather real-time data from students’ regular self-assessment and carry out targeted student interventions.
  • Helge mobile app is a safe and anonymous tool meant for 13-19 year old youngsters to understand themselves better and if needed, guide them to teachers, school psychologists, or parents.
  • Helge resource base provides research-based material with latest educational science and practical insights that help to create better school climate and educate teachers, youngsters, and parents.

Schools and Educators

By making data-based decisions, educators can improve the school climate. They can create new school practices that are better suited to the contemporary needs of youngsters by becoming more aware of the dynamics in the classrooms and preventing wellbeing problems.


Young people are more actively engaged in designing their well-being at schools by being given the opportunity to making their voice heard. Together, we build an environment where young people who leave school are full of self-confidence and skills to deal with life’s challenges and opportunities as sustainable people.

Our mission is to transform school system truly inclusive of young people and give every young person a voice for human sustainability.